Shelton & Norwalk CT Plumbers Answer Your Toilet Problem Questions

If you’re having an issue with your toilet, don’t ignore it! A problem with your toilet will only get worse, and it could be costing you extra money on your water bills. At Rick’s Plumbing, we have the experience needed to know when you should get a toilet repair and when a toilet replacement is your best option. Today, we’re answering questions about some of the most common toilet problems that we encounter.

Why is my toilet running?

Usually, a running toilet is caused by an aging valve that has hardened and is allowing water to escape from the tank into the bowl. The more your toilet runs, the more water that is being wasted. To conserve water in Norwalk and save money on your water bill, you’ll want to get a toilet repair. In most cases, our plumbers can fix a running toilet with a replacement part so that you don’t have to buy a whole new toilet.

Why is my toilet bowl leaking?

Aside from wasting water, a leaky toilet bowl can create a mess in your bathroom. Most toilet bowl leaks we come across are caused by defective wax rings. Occasionally, a bowl leak is caused by a crack in the porcelain. Either way, if you have a leaky toilet bowl, you’ll want to call your local plumber for a toilet repair or toilet replacement before this problem gets worse.

What should I do about a broken flush handle?

Because flush handles are used many times every day, it isn’t uncommon for them to come loose or break entirely, especially if they’re made of plastic. Just because your toilet handle breaks does not mean you need to run out and purchase a new toilet. A certified plumber can quickly install a new toilet handle that will last for years to come.

Rick’s Plumbing has been repairing toilets since 1992, and we’d be happy to help you with any toilet problem you may have. If you do need a toilet replacement in Shelton, Norwalk, or the surrounding areas, our plumbers will help you to choose a new toilet that will be perfect for your home. We install all types of toilets including low-flow toilets and handicap toilets.