Steps to Take Before Sump Pump Installation in Your Connecticut Home

Installing a sump pump is the most effective way to keep your home dry and prevent significant water damage. Sump pumps collect excess water and push it outdoors, away from your home’s foundation. If professionally installed, your sump pump should last for a long time, and work efficiently, too. Of course, you’ll want to be proactive. That means scheduling maintenance and prompt repairs. Before installation, there are steps you should take, too.

Consider Power Sources

Sump pumps run off electricity, like most everything else in our homes. Typically, when the sump pump is needed most is during significant rainfall. That rain is often accompanied by heavy winds, and even lightning, too. Both lightning and wind are likely to knock out your power.

A worthwhile step you could take includes installing a backup battery early. A backup will kick on when your primary power source has failed. A sump pump generally requires a 12-volt deep cycle marine battery. An electric charger will ensure the backup remains fully charged and ready for action. Your initial investment in such tools should be between $300-$500, give or take.

Clean Up

Your new sump pump will be installed in the basement, usually in a corner away from primary foot traffic. These corners are often dumping grounds for cardboard boxes, old clothing, and any other junk homeowners want out of sight and out of mind.

Before sump pump installation, consider cleaning the area. Don’t just simply move the boxes. The floor could likely use a good dusting to prevent static discharge. Do the best you can to ensure a clean working space, free of debris and dirt.

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