Ten Tips for Summertime Water Conservation

Save Water This SummerWith the summer heat finally roaring overhead, it’s important to remain conscious of the environment and our water usage. It’s easy to run the hose or sprinkler system during a heat wave, especially with children playing in the yard, but vital to not overdo it. You can save water this summer by following these ten tips:

Ten Tips

  • Water early – By watering plants and gardens earlier in the day, you reduce the chances of evaporation and water waste. Before 6 AM is typically the best time if city regulations allow it.
  • Rain sensor – A rain sensor is a worthwhile investment that shuts off sprinkler and water systems while it’s raining.
  • Mower blades – If possible, raise the height of your lawn mower’s blades. Close-cut grass requires more water to thrive.
  • Sweep – Instead of hosing down the driveway, which uses 5 gallons of water every minute, using a broom.
  • Hose nozzle – When washing a vehicle, use a hose nozzle to turn off the water flow. This can save over 100 gallons per year alone.
  • Inspect – Inspect your irrigation system thoroughly for leaks. A single leak can waste gallons of water each day.
  • Collect rain – It is entirely possible to collect rain runoff using barrels carefully placed around your lawn. These barrels can then be used to water gardens and other plants.
  • Mulching – If your lawn is well-cared for, mulching the yard can help prevent water evaporation. Mulch also helps suppress weed growth.
  • Stop dribbling – If you use your hose often, chances are some water escapes afterward. A shut-off valve can help prevent excess water dribbling.
  • Container gardens – If you have your heart set on gardening, consider using container gardens instead of lawn-bases setups. Containers help to avoid overwatering.

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