It's Time to be Thankful for Modern Plumbing

Thankful for Modern PlumbingAs we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we’d like to take a moment to be thankful for modern plumbing.

Just imagine, you wake up Thanksgiving morning to begin preparing your turkey for the oven and you have no running water. Can you imagine going outside to a well to bring up water and then having to heat it over a fire? Jack and Jill went down the hill to get a pail of water, and that didn’t have a very good ending!

Or what if you had to go outside to an outhouse to start your morning routine? Perhaps while camping at a park on a beautiful summer day the thought seems quaint. But what if it is on a brisk Thanksgiving morning? Does that sound like an experience you’d look forward to?

The next time you are waiting inside your home for your turn to have some bathroom time, be thankful you are not outside. It wasn’t really that long ago (1930s) that outhouses were still prevalent.

We hope that there are many things that each of you are thankful for this holiday season. Here at Rick’s Plumbing, we are thankful for being able to celebrate 25 years of serving the plumbing needs of families in New Haven & Fairfield Counties.

Have a Happy, Healthy & Safe Thanksgiving & Holiday Season!