Why do water pipes freeze?

If you’ve lived in the North as long as most of us, freezing temperatures don’t scare you. Why? Because our homes have braved the winter months time and again.

But sometimes our home’s plumbing system needs a little bit of help when the temperatures drop to “frigid,” and here’s why.

Having the luxury of running water means water is sitting in our pipes waiting to be used. That includes all of our pipes, not just the ones sitting inside our nice cozy kitchen or bathroom. Our plumbing connects to the town’s water supply or to our own personal well. The challenge is to make sure that the weakest link in that water supply isn’t prone to freezing.

Keeping the water flowing through your plumbing system is the goal. A dripping faucet can often be just enough motion, but sometimes that is not enough.

Why do water pipes burst?

When we fill our ice cube trays we know that the water will expand as it freezes. That same cause and effect can happen in our water pipes. When pipes freeze it creates a blockage between the pipe and the faucet from that expansion. If you didn’t leave your faucet dripping, that pressure can slowly build up and cause your pipes to burst.

It is important that if you’ve awoken to no running water and you fear a frozen pipe is the culprit, that you remedy the problem right away. The longer you wait, the more likely you will have a burst pipe.

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